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Greetings and Salutations

So another blog eh? Yep, yet another blog, but this one is different, because it is written by someone who I’ve grown quite fond of over the years, me. And the subject matter is also quite dear to my heart: zizee’s progress from nothing to Mega-Corp 2000.

If you’ve stumbled onto this blog you might be thinking “Why would you want to read this blog?” I mean, it’s not like you got thousands of other things clamouring for your attention. Well, you may well find it interesting if you want to do what I’m about to do: Grow a software company from scratch. That’s right, I’m going to take an idea and build a business around it and I’m going to document the process from the beginning. After a while I hope that this blog will become a worthwhile resource to anyone who is going to (or in the middle of) starting their own software business.

Right” you say, “but why are you going to write about this little jaunt that you’re about to embark on? WHY?!“.

Why would you do that?

Firstly let me congratulate you on asking such wonderful questions. Secondly let me answer that question by providing a convenient numbered list containing many different and splendid reasons, each that in of itself would satisfy your curiosity, but when added together they become an unassailable argument that any self respecting biped would be mad to rail against.

Below is the aforementioned (and extensive) list of why I am writing this blog instead of doing real work:

  1. As a motivational exercise i.e. so that we can look back and see how far we’ve come
  2. To help us learn from our successes and failures (those that ignore history are doomed to repeat it)
  3. To provide others with a real life examples of all the things that need to be done to start up a software development company from scratch
  4. Keep a history of ZiZee’s progress from inception
  5. To keep those involved focussed on what we are trying to achieve
  6. It is real work as any eyeballs reading this blog will be mine to bend to my will (or at least be potential candidates to help spread the word about ZiZee’s offerings)
  7. Create a resource for future historians / biographers etc :-)

I reckon that there are going to be plenty of other benefits that I haven’t thought of yet as well. Anyway, the plan is to document the journey on a weekly basis (I have visions of this starting off as weekly, then slipping to monthly and then bi-annually, so this will be a good test of my self discipline). I already have a number of articles in mind, so I’m sure I’m going to be limited by time rather than material.

Well done to those who got this far (we’re almost done!). To finish this most excellent first post I’d like to summarise what we’re trying to achieve here by quoting the great philosophers Tenacious D:

“This is not just a list of made up bullshit, it’s a chronicling of our rise…TO POWER!” – Jables


-Jimmy McGrath

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  1. ChrisB (aka Chrishy) says:

    Why would you do that?

  2. Jimmy McGrath says:

    Thanks for my first comment Chris. Why would I do that? Well you just made me think of another reason – to allow me to get insightful feedback from people about what I am up to.