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Howdy all, a quick post this week that is a change of pace from the my other posts. I wanted to remind everyone that Movember has finally arrived! If you have never heard of Movember (maybe if you’ve been hiding out with Elvis or something) it is a “month long celebration of the moustache highlighting men’s health issues, specifically prostate cancer and depression in men” (find out more a Basically, for the month of November, participants in Movember get a chance to live out their fantasies of being a private investigator in the eighties by growing the meanest moustache possible, whilst getting sponsership from awe inspired onlookers. The money raised goes to research into prostate cancer and support services for those suffering from depression, two worthy causes to be sure.

How is it possible that mo's ever went out of fashion?

How is it possible that mo's ever went out of fashion?

Many people might not realise that prostate cancer kills about the same number of people each year as breast cancer. Despite this it gets a whole heap less attention that breast cancer because us blokes often don’t take as a active involvement in our health as the ladies in our lives. Movember is a fun way to help highlight some serious men’s health issues, so I encourage you to get involved.

Zizee is proud to be part of this event and we all are very exceited about the seeing more mo’s on the street over the month of November. To find out more about Movemeber visit and donate to this worthy cause.

To keep tabs on / sponsor my Mo (believe me it is awesome) click here. Donations can be made online using your credit card or PayPal account.

And now I’m afraid I must bid you adieu as I’ve a mo to grow!

-Jimmy McGrath

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