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Premature Optimisation?

Some might be thinking that it is a bit premature to be talking about search engine optimisation (SEO) when ZiZee has yet to launch a product. And those people would have a point – there are SEO techniques that wouldn’t make sense at this stage. We’re not going to get many organic links to Zimmersion when there is nothing there but a logo and a “coming soon” message. But there are certain things that have a time component to them, so the earlier they are done the better. One of those things is to let search engines know that your site exists. This is because the longer the search engine believes your site has been around, the more credence the search engines gives it and that translates to a better ranking in their search results.

Honey, even Han Solo shot first in the original...

Honey, even Han Solo shot first...

Hence, one of the first things I have done asap is to get a basic page that has a teaser information describing Zimmersion up and submit it to google, yahoo and others. As I mentioned in another post – “Private Eyes Are Watching You!” – I have also put up a mailing list subscription for those wanting to hear about the launch. I encourage you to sign-up if you’re at all interested in learning another language, or have a penchant for giving out your email addresses for no particular reason. You’ll note that I have only requested email addresses. I haven’t asked for more information (e.g. names, gender, age etc.) as at this stage I want the bar of entry to be as low as possible. Asking for anything else would be a deterrent as people don’t really like filling in forms to give out information as it costs them in both a reduction privacy (on which many place a high value) and time (which we all know is money). It also makes things simpler for Zizee to implement and manage into the future. Anyway, Zizee couldn’t really put any of the other information to good use at the moment so why bother complicating things needlessly for everyone involved.

So we’ve stuck with asking people for the only thing of importance at this point- a method of being able to contact people to let people know about Zimmersion’s launch.

Thus ends the post. You may now return to your regular duties.

Auf Wiedersehen.

-Jimmy McGrath

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