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A Rolling Stone Gathers Google Juice

One SEO tip that everyone seems to agree with is that search engines smile on those sites that have constantly updated materials. if your site is frequently updated, search engines see that it is a “living” site, that someone is putting effort into. Google and friends like this because it is a sign that they’re looking at site that is being actively maintained, and is not an abandoned site that nobody would visit.

This is a really good reason to maintain a blog on your site. If you keep you blog posts frequent and relevant then as the saying goes “A Rolling Stone Gathers Google Juice”.

An image of Keith Richards covered in google juice.

Keith Richards is covered in google juice... gotta get me some of that!

This is the idea behind this startup called Changing Content. These guys offer an easy way to add a constantly updating news box in an effort to make search engines like your site more. They’ve got a very interesting case study (pdf) that you can download where they have performed some A/B Testing to test the effect of having their new feed on two very similar websites. Looks like a good product backed up by a sound idea. But zizee is on a budget at the moment. What to do, what to do?

Well, I just created a twitter account. Specifically I created the twitter account “Zizee_com”1.  Congradulations you say, another twit, tweeting sweet nothings, with no one listening. How does this help anyone? Well, there are some important parties listening. The search engines. How? Well I have installed the “twitter widget pro” plug-in on this blog which displays my tweets (I am so with it!) on this here blog. You can see it now down the left hand side of this page. Now I can fire off tweets now and again about what’s been going on and they show up on my blog, giving this blog the benefits of a frequently updated news pane without having to subscribe to a pay-for service.

I am pretty happy with the result, and plan place the feed somewhere on zizee’s main page as well, although I will have to be careful to avoid it being “duplicate content”. We will also be looking at leveraging other tools (such as social bookmarking) in a similar manner to allow us to easily produce frequently updated content for our site to help the google juice flow. And once zizee has some actual cash flow we will definately consider services such as Changing Content to assist our SEO efforts, but right now zizee is better off spending money elsewhere.

Buenos Noches party people,

-Jimmy McGrath

1. Annoyingly the twitter tag zizee was taken by someone who has made all of 3 tweets, the latest made at the start of last year :-( Wonder if she’ll give it up?.

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