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Cutting Out The Middle-Men

In my last post for The Startup Gardener I wrote about Ghostery, a great tool for protecting the privacy of web surfers from the all knowing, all seeing Google. That’s all very well for web surfers, but many of my readers are website publishers. If people start using tools like Ghostery to block Google Analytics, [...]

Now You See Me, Now You Dont!

Last week at The Startup Gardener I wrote about how Google’s customised search results can confuse people into thinking their SEO efforts results are different from reality. During this post I discussed how Google and a number of other companies are tracking web surfers as they browse from site to site. I think that most [...]

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

A friend (lets call him Smurf) recently wrote to me with some great news, after doing some SEO on his site and it was now ranking in #1 or #2 positions for some heavily contested keywords on Google’s UK SERPs (search engine result pages). Great stuff! Or was it? When I went to see Smurf’s [...]

Trust Violated = Permission Withdrawn

I wrote recently about how important our users / visitors trust is to us. If our users don’t trust us, they’re not going to use our services. Following up on this theme, I’d like to tell you a quick story of how a software developer has turned me from being a big fan to losing [...]

So They All Moved Over and One Fell Out

You may have noticed that we have recently moved this blog from zizee’s top level domain ( to the subdomain We did this to make way for our spanky new website.

A Rolling Stone Gathers Google Juice

One SEO tip that everyone seems to agree with is that search engines smile on those sites that have constantly updated materials. if your site is frequently updated, search engines see that it is a “living” site, that someone is putting effort into. Google and friends like this because it is a sign that they’re [...]

Goodbye Singles, Hello Flying Car?

Last week the Singles (2000-2009 – I can’t bring myself to use the term N0ughties) decade was given a grand send off, and we’ve all taken some tentative steps into 2010. The future is officially here! And if there is one thing I’m very excited about, it’s the future Can you guess why? Well it’s [...]

I’d Buy That For A Dollar!

So, you’re in the process of creating the next killer-app, you have the feature list all worked out, you’ve thought of a witty, search engine friendly name, got your hosting sorted, you’re going to make a killing! Or are you? Before you get too far along in your dev it will pay to make sure [...]