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Goodbye Singles, Hello Flying Car?

Last week the Singles (2000-2009 – I can’t bring myself to use the term N0ughties) decade was given a grand send off, and we’ve all taken some tentative steps into 2010. The future is officially here! And if there is one thing I’m very excited about, it’s the future Can you guess why? Well it’s [...]

I’d Buy That For A Dollar!

So, you’re in the process of creating the next killer-app, you have the feature list all worked out, you’ve thought of a witty, search engine friendly name, got your hosting sorted, you’re going to make a killing! Or are you? Before you get too far along in your dev it will pay to make sure [...]

Private Eyes Are Watching You!

Well, some of you may have noticed that there is a text field on the front page over at Zimmersion which allows you to leave your email address so that the we can let you know when the the first version if released into the wild. Something else that that is not so obvious is [...]

What’s in a name?

Some of my regular readers (hey Mum!) may be wondering what’s with the name zizee? Well about six years ago1 I was wanting to build a software startup and was racking my brain for a good name.